What is the warranty period for the Medit i500 scanner?


  • The Medit i500 comes with a standard manufacturer warranty that guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of the installation when used in accordance with Medit’s user manual instructions.
  • For products which require repair work within the valid warranty period of one year, Medit will provide a replacement unit and bear the cost of the product including shipping.
  • The replacement unit will be manufactured on or after the date of manufacture of the unit purchased by the end user.


  • A request for warranty service is received within one year from the date of product installation and after product inspection, the product is determined to be defective.
  • Warranty service is inapplicable in cases where:
    • one year has lapsed since the installation date.
    • products were supplied to resellers at a discounted rate for exhibitions, sales demonstrations, and loaner purposes, instead of at regular price.
    • there is damage to the product due to non-compliance with the installation and user guide.
    • there is damage to the product due to improper installation, storage operation, or packaging.
    • there is damage to the product due to any disassembly, repair or modification not provided by

Repair and Shipping Costs

  • Medit will bear the repair cost of the product including shipping.

Request For In-Warranty Procedure

  1. The reseller must contact Medit SQA support agent (support@medit.com) to submit any request for in-warranty service.
  2. SQA support agents will issue a Zendesk ticket which will record details of the product replacement request.
  3. The returned product should be properly packed and shipped to Medit’s office, where it will be inspected.
  4. If it is determined that the damage to the returned unit is due to the end user’s misuse, the end user will be required to pay a repair fee. SQA support agents will handle the collection of the repair fee.
  5. Replacement units will be shipped to the reseller.